What's in my HAST Package?

"So what exactly is going to be in the package? I don't understand what I will be getting."

We understand. We hear you! This is why we have put together this FAQ of sorts to answer your burning questions about our HAST Package. Do read on to find out more!


What is in the HAST Package?

The HAST Package consists of practice quizzes and timed quizzes for the 3 components that make up the HAST Test - Abstract Reasoning, Math Reasoning, and English. Correct answers with explanations are provided for each question.

What if my child does not understand certain questions and needs further clarification?

The HAST Package comes with a discussion forum where you can post as many questions as needed. Our InGenius teachers will get back to you with the answers and explanations!

Is the HAST Package meant for Secondary 2 HAST students or after-PSLE HAST students?

It is meant for Secondary 2 students who need to take HAST! Although students who took their PSLE and require HAST to enter a school may also use the package contents to practice with.

How much is the HAST Package?

It is currently priced at the reduced price of $129 to celebrate the launch of HAST & GAT Buddy!

Can I use another mode of payment to get the HAST Package?

Currently, the main mode of payment on the site is PayPal. This allows you to get immediate access to the content right after paying. However, you may also make payment via PayNow or GrabPay. Shoot us a message here if you need assistance: We will help you with the enrolment.

Can I take a look at how the full HAST Package will look like?

Sure! You may refer to the PDF file attached below.

Download PDF • 3.58MB

Happy learning! 😊

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