Introduction to ilearningspace

Read on to find out more about InGenius Learning's latest endeavour!

From the year 2020 till now, we have seen the Covid-19 Pandemic accelerate the push towards online learning. This is why InGenius Learning Space has decided to launch ilearningspace. We want our InGenius students to have a fun and special place they can go to for their learning needs.


E.M.S. Courses for Primary 1 to 6

The main goal of ilearningspace is to ensure that learning stays easy and accessible, especially with the unpredictability of the current situation (where the home-based learning period can be extended at any time).

All InGenius students will get an account (it's free!) and automatically be enrolled into their respective courses.

For now, only primary school students have access to the site. The content for secondary school students and others are still a work in progress.

Course Content

Courses are jam-packed with all the essential learning materials one needs. Instead of figuring out how to receive worksheets from the centre during lockdown periods, InGenius teachers will simply assign soft copies of the workload, via the site. Students will find links to their assignments on their dashboard.

E.M.S. Learning Videos

Apart from accessibility to your learning materials, ilearningspace also offers pages of videos that one can watch to increase their knowledge.

These videos are curated by our InGenius teachers. Credits for the videos themselves go to their respective Youtube Creators. Pick a video and learn something new today!

Brain Games

Tired of countless worksheets? Have a little fun on ilearningspace by heading over to the Brain Games page.

A variety of games from Hangman to Sudoku puzzles are waiting to be played.

Check out one of our Brain Teaser questions in the picture on the left!

Games are powered by ProProfs.


Are you a student at InGenius Learning Space?

If the answer to that is yes, then you probably have an account at ilearningspace.


I am an InGenius student but I don't know my account :(

No worries! You can shoot us a quick message requesting for your account details.


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