HAST test papers and materials are available at HAST & GAT Buddy


InGenius Learning does not provide physical HAST and GAT classes at this time. Check out our newly launched initiative - HAST & GAT Buddy!

HAST & GAT Buddy Prepares Gifted and Talented Students for Accelerated Learning Programs

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What is the HAST Test?

HAST assesses the academic performance of students in the top range of academic achievers. The test consists of a series of demanding questions around reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression.

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Benefits of using HAST & GAT Buddy

  • You can select the package that best fits your child.

  • You don't have to go around hunting for HAST/GAT material elsewhere.

  • You can post questions in the discussion forum for real life teachers to answer.

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Getting in touch with real life InGenius teachers

Under each package, there will be a discussion forum. Students may post their queries as many times as they like. Our InGenius teachers will review and respond accordingly (either with a video explanation or text explanation, depending on the query).

HAST materials and papers

HAST Package

Get specially curated HAST materials like timed quizzes and practice quizzes. 

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GAT materials and papers

GAT Package

Get specially curated GAT materials like timed quizzes and practice quizzes. 

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HAST and GAT materials and papers

Value Package

Get access to both our HAST & GAT content with our value package!

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