Australia options after Polytechnic

If you're hungry for knowledge or you just want to upgrade your diploma to a bachelor’s degree, you will find many options locally or overseas. Compared to local schools, it is a life-changing experience to study abroad with one of those renowned universities in Australia.

Option 1: Get a bachelor's degree in 1 - 2 years

When applying for a bachelor’s degree, graduates with a polytechnic diploma could be granted advanced standing (credit exemptions) on a case-by-case basis. With some universities, you can even be granted 1-year exemptions if the accumulated GPA is above 3 (and of course your diploma major needs to match the university degree you apply to); with Australian universities, usually 1-2 year exemptions are granted if the accumulated GPA is above 2.7.

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Option 2: Diploma pathway program

If you do not qualify for direct entry into the university, you may consider a diploma pathway program or a foundation year. Both of them take longer for you to get a bachelor’s degree, but they give you the chance to start all over again.

A diploma pathway is a full-time academic program equivalent to studying the first year of a bachelor’s degree. The program enables you to improve your study skills and to develop necessary academic knowledge. Successful completion of the diploma pathway program guarantees you direct entry into the second year of a range of bachelor’s degrees with top universities. If your desired major is not available through the diploma pathway or you wish to have more options (such as law, medicine etc), you can consider a Foundation year program.

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