Australia options after O-Levels

Going to a local polytechnic or junior college after your O's is the typical route for a student in Singapore. Why not break the status quo and consider furthering your studies in Australia?

Choose the Foundation year program to fast track your path to a reputable Australian university.

The Foundation Year Program

The Foundation year program is a pre-university qualifying program equivalent to A-Levels. It is a combination of academic modules and study skills training. The Foundation year qualifies students to meet the requirements of degree-level study at universities. It can be completed within one year so that you enter university a year earlier than the traditional A level student.

You will advance to the first year of a Bachelor’s degree upon completion of the program. Your place is secured once you finish the Foundation year, as well as achieve the grades stipulated in your offer letter.

With a Foundation year program, you can graduate to university within one year after O-Level. You can apply with your O-Level results from the previous year so that you can start the Foundation year in the coming September and progress to university in September the following year. If you are sitting for the O-Level exams this year, you can apply with your preliminary result in September-October. You can start the Foundation year in January the next year and progress to university in September.

Good Grades