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Our Testimonials

Hear what our students say on how we
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At InGenius Learning, we are glad to share the success stories of our students who have excelled in their primary and secondary examinations. The remarkable achievements were made possible not only because of our dedicated tutors, but also through the efforts put in by our diligent and self-motivated students.

We hope that you will partner us in your child’s educational journey!

Hear from our former students who have attained sterling results in their past examinations!

Hear from our former students who have excelled in their examinations!

I love coming to InGenius as it is like my second home! It is a conducive environment for us to study and the teachers are dedicated and excellent.

Alisabeth Loh12 years old, MGS

I love coming to InGenius! I practically live there as I go there everyday! The teachers are very nice, including Ms Haryani and Mrs Lee. There is no better tuition centre than InGenius!

Anna Yim12 years old, MGS

I think InGenius is a great tuition centre as the teachers there don’t conduct lessons like any other centres. Teachers interact well with the students and we learn through games and different activities. I’m sure any child who takes the first step into InGenius will feel welcome and at home, I strongly recommend InGenius!

Philipa Lim13 years old, SJI (International)

InGenius is a place where I want to go back to every day as it is a conducive environment to learn! It has really helped me improve my grades and the teachers there are welcoming, encouraging and good at what they do.

Deanne12 years old, MGS

InGenius not only helps you with your learning but also lets you have a fun learning experience. Everyone is very nice there and there is no need to to be shy if you don’t understand. We are a good tuition centre!

Sophie Ang9 years old, St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Their worksheets are very good and simple to understand. I like the activities and friends there.

Joshua Kong9 years old, Bukit Timah Primary School

Mr Kong is kind and caring and shows genuine care for his students and has helped me understand difficult Math concepts through clear and concise explanations.

Jeremiah LeeSec 3 IP track, ACS Independent

Mr Kong is very patient in teaching. I take A Math at InGenius and I have benefitted from his detailed explanations.

Issac LeeSec 3, O Level track, ACS Independent

The HAST programme was very beneficial as it gave me a clearer picture on what to expect in my DSA application for ACS(I). The teachers were very detailed in their explanations and I have enjoyed attending the HAST programme.

Joshua Lee12 years old, ACSJ

My 2 children are in good hands at InGenius. Ms Haryani and Mrs Lee are helpful, reliable and dedicated. They try to understand the child and find ways to tackle the weaknesses. They also have a good source of materials and use innovative ways to teach like using Smartboards to stimulate their interest! My children look forward to classes at InGenius. Tuition is no longer a chore but a pleasure. Not many tuition centres can achieve that!

NoraParent of Danial and Denella

After enrolling in InGenius Learning, my math has improved tremendously. Through its small class sizes and extremely dedicated and patient teacher like Mr Kong, InGenius Learning has provided me with an excellent learning environment where I’m not afraid to clarify my doubts and challenge myself.

Shannen LeongSec 3 IP, MGS

InGenius has helped me learn better and to see things from a different perspective. It is my favourite tuition centre!

Phoebe Yap12 years old, MGS