Ingenius Learning - Regular Tuition

Regular Tuition

Rest assured, your child is in good hands with
our MOE-based syllabus and MOE-trained teachers.

Regular Tuition

Call 6469 0991 to learn more about our Regular Tuition.

InGenius Learning was established as a leading educational centre for pre-school, primary tuition and secondary tuition at Bukit Timah that specialises in the provision of pre-school programme, primary english tuition, primary science tuition, primary math tuition and secondary math tuition.

We organise regular tuition for students to undergo consistent learning and application during the lessons. Find out more about our regular tuition schedule for the respective subjects conducted at our Bukit Timah Tuition Centre.

To tailor to the different needs of the pupils, we have regular group tuition classes as well as individual classes. Group classes are kept small to enhance learning and interaction between our MOE-approved tutors and learners.

We have 4 terms in a year for regular classes. (10 weeks per term).

Individual classes or customized private group classes are also offered to tailor to individual needs. (Please contact us at 6469 0991 to arrange for your specially tailored classes.)

You may wish to download a PDF copy of our Schedule for 2017 Regular Tuition.

Pre-school Programme - K2 Math and English

Preparatory classes to equip learners to be ready for Primary 1. Classes are 1 hour each in duration for Math and English.

Primary Tuition - P1 - P4 classes

To ensure that the basics and foundations of English, Math and Science are robustly inbuilt into learners before they progress to the advance stages. Classes are 1.5 hours in duration.

Primary Tuition - P5 - P6 classes

To coach and prepare learners for the all-important PSLE. Classes for English and Math are 2 hours in duration, while those for Science are 1.5 hours in duration.

Secondary Math Tuition

Classes leading up to O level as well as IP track are offered. Classes are 2 hours in duration.