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Primary Science Tuition

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InGenius Learning offers a 4-year Primary Science tuition programme for our students from Primary 3 to Primary 6. Based on the MOE syllabus, we adopt a thematic approach in designing our Primary Science curriculum. Our Science programme imbibes conceptual understanding and skills proficiency through a variety of teaching strategies.

Using state- of-the-art technology, our lessons are engaging to the tech-savvy students of this generation. Our team of experienced ex-MOE teachers adopts a variety of teaching strategies to stretch our students.

Class Activities
We use different strategies such as hands-on experiences, guided experiments, investigative approach, problem-based learning approaches to ensures that our pupils are intrigued and engaged. To instil rigour in answering exam questions, answering techniques are also integral in our Primary Science tuition classes.

Other information:
•P4 to P6 $660 for 10 weeks for 1.5 hr/lesson.
•One time Registraion Fee of $150
No materials charge:

Please refer to our Regular Tuition page. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of our Schedule for 2017 Regular Tuition.