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Preparation for Primary 1

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At InGenius Learning, Pre-school Programmes is offered by our dedicated Bukit Timah Pre-school Teachers. 

We offer preparatory classes for English and Math so that your child will have the confidence to meet the challenges when he/she enters primary 1. 

In the course of the year, we ensure that your child is up to speed with his/her reading, phonemic awareness, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and creative writing.

A critical awareness of number sense is instilled in your child so that he/she has the confidence to excel upon entering primary 1.

Class Activities
Classes are 1 hour in duration for each subject. We strive to make learning fun and use a variety of teaching methods such as Smartboard, tactile experiences and concrete examples to appeal to the different learning styles of the students. 

Other information:
$400 for 10 weeks 
One time Registration Fee of $150
No materials charge

Please refer to our Regular Tuition page. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of our Schedule for 2017 Regular Tuition.