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At InGenius Learning, we provide Intensive Revision classes for students taking pre-school, primary tuition and secondary tuition at Bukit Timah that specialises in the provision of pre-school programme, primary english tuition, primary science tuition, primary math tuition and secondary math tuition programmes are developed by our dedicated tutors, so as to ensure that students are poised to excel in their respective examinations.

Teaching Methodology

Learning Style Model

The Dunn and Dunn Learning Style model is an award-winning, clinically tested and proven model developed by the late Dr Rita Dunn and Dr Kenneth Dunn from St John’s University in New York. It is based on over 850 clinical researches done over 33 years conducted in more than 135 Institutes of Higher Education.

Learners tend to demonstrate patterns in the way they prefer to deal with new and difficult information and ideas. The majority of us are more confident and successful when we approach difficult tasks using our strengths.

The elements of Dunn and Dunn model is grouped according to 5 key stimuli:
•Environmental – where we learn best.
•Sociological – with whom we concentrate best.
•Emotional – what motivates us to learn and influence our feelings about learning.
•Physiological – when and how we physically engage most in learning.
•Psychological – how we process and respond to information and ideas.

Find out how we conduct our pre-school programme, primary tuition and secondary tuition classes.

How We Teach

Acutely aware that everyone has different learning preferences and strengths, we use a wide variety of teaching methods to enhance our teaching. Learning is not just rote and worksheets, but is made engaging with experiments, hands-on experiences and enhanced with technology such as SmartBoards, Ipads and games. Pupils just love coming to InGenius Learning as they discover the fun in learning!

Benefits of A Learning Styles Approach:
IN creases motivation
G rows confidence
E njoys learning
N ew & difficult work are handled better
I mproves concentration
U ndertakes effective approaches
S timulates self-discipline

Learning Styles
All of us have our own unique learning preferences and strengths. Based on extensive research on Learning Styles conducted by Dunn & Dunn over 33 years and 850 clinical researches, results have shown that the majority of us are more confident and successful when we approach difficult tasks using our strengths.

At InGenius Learning, a Learning Style Report will be given, highlighting the learning preference of each child. Equipped with this self-knowledge, learners, teachers and parents are able to capitalize on his strengths for effective learning.

Teaching Activities

At InGenius Learning, our tuition programmes will include several key areas of development, namely in-class conceptual application, topical enrichment, exam-oriented practice and review. We also provide Intensive Revision programme for students during the school holidays, so as to hone their exam-friendly skills in tackling the examinations.

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